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Let Us Print Your Shirts!
Let Us Print Your Shirts!


No we do not.  Our starting orders are at 12 pieces per design.  We offer digital mock ups for approval before we go to print to be as cost effective and time efficient for you.  Proofing is sent via email usually within 24 hours of you placing your order and a 50% deposit.

For left/right chest designs, we suggest keeping the design no wider or taller than 4 inches.

For full front/full back designs, no wider or taller than 12 inches, unless you’re looking for an oversized print.

A 12 inches wide design will fit on anything larger than a Youth Medium.

Most youth and women designs should not be wider than 9 inches.

Hat designs depend entirely on the hat style.

Our Design Studio has these such parameters embedded unto the printable areas of each specific apparel. Feel free to use our program to upload your image and see how it will fit within the designable areas. 

We offer Glitter and Metallic printing. 

We will offer the following inks soon: Silver and Gold Foil Heat Transfers, High Density printing,

Discharge printing, Waterbase, Glow In The Dark & Reflective Inks.

Yes. We would manipulate a scan of your photo so that it would be printed with both solids and halftones.

Halftones are little dots that get smaller in size and separate from each other to give the effect of a multi color tone

while still using the same ink color.

 Here’s an example.



You can submit an order over the telephone, in person, via email, or through our Design Studio.

We offer the ability to Submit Your Order Online and can communicate entirely via email if you’re on the go.

If needed, we can even ship your order to you.

Our minimum order starts at 12 per design. We offer at this amount to give you the best starting rate. Sorry, we do not print any less than 12 pieces per design!

No, not at the moment. We can print four-color process on white shirts and simulated process on dark garments.

We do intend on getting a direct to garment machine in the future.


The turn around time is approximately four business days from the time of deposit.

We offer rush printing free of charge depending on our production schedule. 

You can call in with your credit card, come to our shop, or Place Your Order Online

Yes, we will gladly ship your order to you if needed. We offer free shipping on all orders over $200.00

We ask for a 50% deposit on all orders so that we can prepare the artwork and order the garments

We use an industry-standard Pantone Matching System to ensure that specific colors are exact.

Ink mixing and color matching is done in-house under quality control.

When placing the order, you can choose the exact PMS color that you need. 

We can usually work with just about any type of art file, even designs that are hand drawn.

We prefer high resolution (300dpi+) images in raster (.jpg, .tif, .gif, .png, .bmp, .psd) format or

scale-able vector (.ai, .pdf, .ppd, or .cdr) graphics.

We work with up-to-date versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw.

We ask for you not to send any artwork in .doc, .rtf, or .word format.

If you have a font that we don’t have and we open it up, it will look entirely different to us.

Every order is unique.

But our most standard order of 12 t-shirts with a one-color print is $10.00 ($120.00 total)

Also, the more colors in your design and additional locations of print adds on to the cost of your shirts.  

For a more specific quote please visit our Web Store and click on “Quick Quote” to submit your request and receive an instant quote!

Yes. If you bring in your own garments, we will gladly print them for you.

The majority of the time however, its cheaper to get your garments through us because

we get a printers discount from local and national garment wholesalers.

Yes, we can. There will be an additional charge for four color printing on top of the four individual screen charges.

You can find samples of our work on either the Samples page or on our Blog.

In certain circumstances, yes we do. Make sure you ask about this when placing your order.

We consider the discount to be a donation to your organization.

We do not offer these services at the present time.

Our largest print area is 13 inches wide by 15 inches tall, and we can print in multiple positions for extra coverage.

The restriction we face is our palette sizes themselve. For a smooth print, we don’t go any more than 1 inch

from the edge of our palettes.

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